Does Your Rollaway Bed Need An Extra Mattress?

full-size-rollaway-bedRollaway beds generally come with a mattress but any rollaway bed mattress will fit your bed as long as it’s the right size. There is an excellent variety of rollaway bed mattresses to choose from. Manufactures have developed the mattress to fold and unfold with ease. Also, the rollaway bed now come in a wide range now come in a wide range of different materials and toppers for extra comfort. Different companies have plenty of choices and varieties, for example, you can choose thick or thin or a plain mattress or one with a topper, you can also choose memory foam or not, the choices are all up to you.
Rollaway beds are built to last for many years. The construction of rollaway beds has improved over the years and the materials are strong and durable. The support system for the mattress can easily handle the weight of an average adult. While the mattresses are anywhere from 4 to 8 inches thick and covered in strong, durable material, most of them are surprisingly light weight even with a topper.

The quality of the mattress is important to ensure a restful, comfortable nights sleep. Most rollaway bed mattresses are made of good quality material and your choices are endless. Furthermore, you can choose from many other options to fit your needs.

The hospital grade mattress is 4 to 6 inches thick and is made of high quality, long lasting foam, with a nylon cloth cover. The deluxe, heavy duty inner spring mattress features tempered steel coils, is 5 inches thick, and is rated one of the best replacements for a rollaway bed.
While the luxurious foam mattress is comprised of a 3 inch high density base and a 1.5 inch premium cradlesoft memory foam,it is specifically designed to fit most rollaway beds. It also comes with a zippered removable cover.
There is also a Bacteria resistant mattress made to meet disinfection and cleaning standards and is engineered to reduce contamination while maintaining comfort. This mattress is also stain resistant, non allergenic and flame retardant. There is also a water resistant mattress, which is flexible and super durable, and keeps it’s shape for years, while completely supporting the whole body. The mattress has a vinyl light weight cover and is also “compress resistant”.