Are All Epilators, Gels And Lotions For Dissolving Hair The Same?

Not all epilators are created equal. It is true that some are guaranteed to work better than others. If you are to purchase a cheap product, then it is likely to irritate the skin, and you may have to apply it twice  to get the job done right. Most epilators can be purchased in around the same cost though, so sometimes it is better to purchase the more expensive one (which would be not much more) to acquire the best results. For some great epilator reviews, go to this page!

The best lotion, and most common cream you could buy for men and women is Revitol. Revitol is very popular indeed, but some reviewers prefer the second and third best brands Veet, a hair removal cream that can be purchased for men or women, and Sally Hansen, of which can be purchased for  sensitive skin especially (although all brands have a product they claim is better for sensitive people). Speaking of sensitive hair eradicating creams, always remember to avoid using the lotion on the face, and genitals unless the container specifies other wise.

The last suggestion of brand is Nair. Nair is the second most popular, although only the fourth best working, and only the fourth most expensive. Of course there are other brands that are more expensive, and cheaper options than the ones mentioned, but they are either not worth the price, for it won’t last any longer than the others considering none are permanent, or it is too cheap, and may irritate your skin. Not as good as an epilator.

The products can be bought in different variates. This includes scent, and strength. You can purchase the cream to fit all of your desires. Sensitivity, for sensitive skin, and some special kinds for your genital areas, then some for women, and some for men. Those are the different kinds of creams you can purchase, and there is a selection of each in every name brand.

Can You Get Epilator Treatment At A Salon?

At some salons, they provide a special hair removal cream treatment. Naturally, having this treatment  is a very relaxing and luxurious technique. It is also efficient, and generally lasts for weeks. Using a quality lotion or cream in the salon is the new way to successfully remove hair, while not causing any physical pain like waxing.

Final Answer: No, This Method Of Getting Rid Of Hair Is Not Permanent

In conclusion, although these creams are indeed effective, they cannot be considered permanent, or even close to it. The hair can take a long time to grow back, much longer than if you were to use just the average razor, but it does come back sooner or later. Other permanent hair removal methods could be very expensive, like lasers. Although that method is in fact permanent, it also very expensive. Hair eradicating creams are affordable, and efficient for between five days and five weeks, which is longer than most people could generally go after only shaving. You will no longer have to shave once a day, for that can be very time consuming, and irritating to the skin. You will now only have to get rid of unwanted hair once a week. So even though it isn’t a permanent solution to rid of hair, it is an effective technique, as well as a common one.

Campfire of Fear – Ghost Stores to Tell In your Used Travel Trailer

No campfire is complete without a story to accompany the flickering flames and burnt marshmallows. For centuries travellers have told tales to keep their spirits up, their companions entertained and to leave everyone with something to think about before they turn in for the night. And if you’re travelling with one of those sadistic types who like to tell a creepy tale to complement the owl hoots and animal calls, then the whole evening can take on an eerie and quite exciting atmosphere. Whether you are traveling in a used RV or not doesn’t matter.

And if you fancy yourself as a storyteller, why not purchase some spooky tales to keep family and friends looking over their shoulders? Here’s a small collection of books that feature short stories that you can either read and memorize or thrill your audience straight from the printed page/ebook screen and read aloud:

Haunted Houses: The Greatest Stories ed. Martin H. Greenberg (MJF Books, Aug 1997) Anthology of 16 stories by authors including H.P. Lovecraft, Joyce Carol Oates, Robert Bloch, and Edward Bryant. There are some great stories in this collection by some famous authors of the supernatural. In fact I heartily recommend this as a great all-round anthology with stories from many ages and a good range of subjects.

20th Century Ghosts by Joe Hill (Gollancz (Sep 2008) A fantastic collection of short stories, first released in Britain and finally available in the US. Joe is the son of Stephen King, but don’t think he’s a carbon copy of his father. His writing is unique and clever and fun and although reads differently to King, is just as good in terms of quality.

The Dark: New Ghost Stories ed. Ellen Datlow (Tor Books Aug 2004) Lastly we have a collection of brand new short ghost stories by modern writers. As with all anthologies, there are stronger stories than others, but they are all interesting, varied in theme, utterly unique and, of course, very creepy!